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Personalised Hand Stamped Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Our personalised cuff bracelet is the perfect gift for any occasion, adjustable and totally customisable - available in Sterling Silver.

We can stamp your message both on the inside and outside of the bracelet.


♥ Messages

Insert your desired message for the outside or inside of your cuff above. (If no message: please leave blank).

Each message can be no more than 50 characters, including spaces and design stamps

We stamp EXACTLY as you request – Typos and all! 

We highly recommend double checking your order before purchasing to confirm you have selected the right options and your personalisations are correct. 


We can offer a heart or a star stamp on your design. 


All cuffs measure 6mm wide and 6" in length

Sterling Silver (1.5mm thick) and is cut 150mm / approx 6" long approx long and 4.5mm wide. 

Each cuff is adjustable and can be pinched together to make your cuff tighter. To widen your cuff gently pull apart the ends - Do this slowly and only when necessary as excessive manipulating can weaken the metal ☆


Each piece comes polished with black text as standard


We create each piece to order within 7-14 working days – this is subject to change.