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Seller FAQ

How do I set up an account and put my products on the website?

All the information you need is on the Selling with Us page.


I have set up my account, but it wont let me log in?

You may be logging into the 'buyer' section. Please use this link to access the Seller Portal. If you are still having trouble, please contact us.


How do I set a shipping fee/postage fee on my products?

The weight of a product effects the shipping price and follows the Royal Mail first class postage prices. See shipping weight/price table here.


My products have been disproved, have I done something wrong?

There are numerous reasons for products to be dissaproved. Sometimes they have been hidden because they need more technical additions (e.g. options) that will be done by a member of staff in house. If there's an issue with your product, we'll send you an email.