Seller Guide – Y Stryd Fach

Seller Guide

Here are a few things to guide you along your way.


Fulfilling Items

Once an item has been sent, please mark it as fulfilled in your portal. Go to 'Orders' > 'View' and the 'Fulfill' button is on the bottom of that product page. This will:

1.) Send an email to the buyer notifying that the item is on its way.

2.) Mark it as 'sent' on the system.

Tip: Make sure you click the button 'after' sending the item, just in case you fail to do so for any reason (e.g. missing the post).


Upload a square image as a main photo (profile photo) of your products.

Try your best to have as many square images as possible as it makes the layout of the product tidier.  Having at least 3 images (1 main + at least 2 other) is a good practice - all of a different element or from different angles.


Logging in to / Bookmarking the Portal Link

Note: There is always a link to the portal on the bottom of the homepage.


This is the link to bookmark.

Please note that if you bookmark the link after logging in, a few browsers will 'timeout' your sessions (because of the needed refresh). So make sure that you bookmark it before logging in.



Funds earned through selling on Y Stryd Fach will be transferred into your account at the end of every month. Please check that you have filled out your payment details on the portal by checking the 'Payment Details' tab.  


Stock/Inventory Tracking.

The "Track Inventory" option allows you to select your available stock (not the amount of products the buyer receives). If you would like it to accept all orders regardless without a max, select ‘Unlimited - Don’t Track’.


Tracking Product Stock.

If you are selling in a shop as well as online on y Stryd Fach, be aware that the stock levels need to be watched.  If a product has sold out (offline), please change the product quantity to zero. The ‘Track inventory’ option needs to be enabled to do this (under inventory). If the item is no longer available, please delete it from your portal.


Adding Variants (Formatting).

> Please only use English when creating variants on products.
(e.g. Colour: Red, Grey, Black) The variants will be translated into Welsh by Y Stryd Fach staff.

> Use capital letters at the beginning of variants. (e.g. Size, Colour, Grey, Blue, Wood).
Also use capital letters with clothing sizes (e.g. S, M, L).

> Use the English, UK version of words (e.g. Colour, Grey).

>Try adding a corresponding image to the variant. When someone selects that variant on the store the image will change to represent the choice. You can do this my pressing the image icon on the left in the variant section (on the ‘view’ option). E.g. for a ‘red’ coat, add an image of the red coat to the variant).

(Any issues with variants, please get in touch).



Y Stryd Fach is a bilingual website with an English side and a Welsh side.

Please use English as the default input method, as the Welsh side will be built separately either by the seller, or translated in house by Y Stryd Fach. 

If you wish to add your own Welsh text, please add it in the same title box and description box as the English version, and we'll do the rest for you.


Requires Shipping - Yes (If you want to charge a shipping fee)

The majority of products will need to be shipped and a shipping fee charged, so make sure this option it turned on in order to activate the shipping fee option. 


Shipping Fees

When adding a "weight" these shipping fees will automatically apply to the seller on checkout. Multiple carts will be shared between sellers.

Leave weight blank if you wish to apply free shipping.

Standard UK Shipping (Letter)

0.01 kg – 0.1 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Large Letter)

0.1 kg – 0.174 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Large Letter)

0.175 kg – 0.249 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Large Letter)

0.25 kg – 0.375 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Large Letter)

0.376 kg – 0.499 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Large Letter)

0.5 kg – 0.629 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Large Letter)

0.63 kg – 0.749 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Large Letter)

0.75 kg – 0.82 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Large Letter)

0.821 kg – 0.999 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Medium Parcel)

1 kg – 1.49 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Medium Parcel)

1.5 kg – 1.74 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Medium Parcel)

1.75 kg – 1.99 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Medium Parcel)

2 kg – 2.79 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Medium Parcel)

2.8 kg – 3.49 kg


Standard Uk Shipping (Medium Parcel)

3.5 kg – 4.99 kg


Standard UK Shipping (Medium Parcel)

5 kg – 9.99 kg




Y Stryd Fach will pay the owed amount on a monthly basis at the end of every month. Commission will automatically be taken away, and the owed amount + shipping fee paid into the account listed under 'payment options' on the seller portal.