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Y Stryd Fach is a new online shop for Welsh products from Wales. All products have been added and sold by the makers or businesses themselves.

We are here to help you grow as a business. By working together, our goal is to create an online shop showcasing Welsh products.


Why join?

We want to provide a simple solution to businesses that want to reach a larger online audience. If you’re a small business wanting to start selling online or a larger business looking for more sales and exposure, Y Stryd Fach could help you.

Low risk / you are in control - commission is only 12% and we help you add the products.

Together as a collective we’re able to generate more traffic to a single source than a single business could do.


Our aim is to help businesses and products to be as well represented as possible online. We'll be helping you set out your products and advise you as you go along, from image choice to description length. 


How does it work?

You will have your own portal in order to submit items, with control over all options seen on the store (e.g. price, description, images etc).  You will also be able to view orders and delivery details through the same portal.

When selling, you’ll be responsible for delivering your products to the sellers (with the shipping fee paid for by the buyer).

The website itself will be administered by an admin from ‘Y Stryd Fach’. You’ll be using a separate simple app, so you won’t have to worry about anything else other than taking nice images and adding products to the store.

  1. You add your products to Y Stryd Fach
  2. Y Stryd Fach will approve and upload the prodcuts
  3. Customers order and pay on our checkout
  4. We let you know that an order has been placed
  5. You send the order to the customer
  6. We pay you for your sales once a month 


How we help you

Primarily, we’ll make sure that the store is running at all times, whilst approving new products and safeguarding the two general principles – the descriptions and images.

As well as this, we’ll be working on bringing in the footfall to the main homepage, and working with you to make sure that you’re making the most of all your public channels.

We're always here to help anyone that needs advice or guidance.


Members, products and produce

Any member or product on the store must have a distinct Welsh or Welsh homemade attribute.  Products will be evaluated as they are submitted through the merchant portal -we’ll get in touch if we have any questions before making the product visible.

We ask that all images are of the highest possible standard and have a square dimention. Ideally products are to be photographed in context (e.g. Homeware in a ‘home’, garden in a ‘garden’) and made to look attractive.  We can work on this with you.

When products are submitted (with descriptions and images), they will be approved on these two basic principles by an admin of Y Stryd Fach, to make sure we’re all on the same page.


What will it cost?

Website running cost and credit card fees will be accumulated through a 12% commission charge on list prices. 

In future, we’ll be looking to collect a low cost monthly membership that will be directly used to bring paid traffic into the website and cover admin cost. This will be agreed on as a collective.


Ready to start selling?

Below is an outline of everything you need to know before starting.  Please take your time to read as it will make sure that this is the right route for you.

Read through the information:


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