Shipping Policy – Y Stryd Fach

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

(Y Stryd Fach)

Shipping Your Items:

Sellers are responsible for shipping their sold items to buyers. When using a fulfilment service, please keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for making sure that your buyers receive the item(s) they purchased from the shop,

By selling on Y Stryd Fach, you agree to:

  1. Ship items promptly after they are sold. Prompt shipping means that you ship each item within 30 days of purchase, unless you specify otherwise with the buyer through other means of written and recorded contact (e.g. email).
  2. Comply with all local and international shipping and customs regulations.
  3. Mark the order as shipped/fulfilled when you ship it. Remember that you may only mark an order as fulfilled after you actually have shipped it. When you mark an order as shipped, the buyer will receive a Shipping Notification from Y Stryd Fach.
  4. The shipping fee being set on the royal mail standard first class pricing.


In the unlikely event that an order does not arrive, be prepared to provide valid proof of shipping. Valid proof of shipping must show that the item actually was shipped and that it was sent to the address provided by the buyer (or verified via USPS address verification). If a buyer does not receive their order, they may file a case against you, the seller.


Extra Fees:

Y Stryd Fach will not add an extra payment after a sale has been made.  The cost of a shipping label will depend on the weight and size of the package.  This is either set in the list price, or by the seller through the weight categorisation process.